Brownwood – Brown County Child Welfare Board


The mission of the Brownwood-Brown County Child Welfare Board is to meet the needs of the abused/neglected children in Brown County. This is done by giving back to children who have been removed (to foster care), placed in kinship homes and by providing for their families through special request. The Board also seeks to operate a 24-hour accessible Rainbow Room for needed supplies, support National Adoption Day and provide education/public awareness of child abuse/neglect.

Our Services

The Board provides financial gifts to removed children on birthdays, Christmas, and back to school times, as well as through special requests from case workers or the community. The board seeks to provide emergency removal funds to families that take in removed children and provide access to a Rainbow Room of needed supplies 24 hours a day. Additional activities include support and celebration of National Adoption Day and providing education/public awareness of child abuse/neglect. This is done through coordination with the Commissioner’s Court, Department of Family and Protective Services and the support of other community agencies or donations.

Why Your Support Would Benefit Us

Our services operate primarily through local funds that are servicing local individuals. Your support would allow us to provide a gift to a child on their birthday, Christmas or back to school, and remind them that they are not forgotten. It would allow us to supply our community with support through a Rainbow Room of supplies, or assist a family who agree to take a child in. It also allows you to play a role in educating the public on the dangers of child abuse/neglect and stop cycles of abuse from taking place in our own community.

What Will a $25 Gift Support?

A $25 gift would allow us to provide a child with a birthday gift, meet a special request need from a family, or fund the purchase of needed supplies in our Rainbow Room.

What Will a $100 Gift Support?

A $100 gift would allow us to purchase 2 Christmas gifts for children, 4 birthday gifts, back-to-school money for needed supplies, provide emergency funding to families that took a child in, or provide additional materials for our Rainbow Room.

What Will a $500 Gift Support?

A $500 gift would provide 20 birthday gifts, 10 Christmas gifts, 5 back to school gifts, emergency funding to families, special requests, or provide a great amount of supplies for our Rainbow Room.

How to Donate

Mail a check:
Child Welfare Board
P.O. Box 836
Brownwood, Texas 76804

For More Information

Find us on Facebook

Call us at (325) 642-1409

Visit us at 2400 Crockett Dr., in Brownwood, by appointment to tour the Rainbow Room – 325 642-1409

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