Cancer Services Network


It is the mission of Cancer Services Network to provide for, enhance and improve the care and treatment of persons suffering from cancer when the finance, family or other resources are not adequate or sufficient for such purposes.

Our Services

To provide help and hope to cancer patients, survivors, their families and care givers through direct financial, emotional and spiritual support, social programs, services, and activities.

Financial Assistance: Cancer Prescriptions, Nutritional Supplements, Medical Equipment, Supplies, Transportation Reimbursements, Insurance Payments, and Limited Emergency Household Funds. Emotional Support for anyone affected by cancer: Hospital Visits, One-on-One Individual and Family Counseling, Support Groups and Social Support for anyone affected by cancer: Educational Classes and Social Activities

Why Your Support Would Benefit Us

CSN provides services in Brown County and 18 other counties in West Central Texas and relies on the generosity of agencies, donors and fundraisers to meet those needs. CSN does not receive state or government funding. All services are provided free to cancer patients while undergoing cancer treatment regardless of where they go for treatment.

What Will a $25 Gift Support?

Provide a transportation stipend to buy gas for a Brown County resident to receive chemo or radiation treatment.

What Will a $100 Gift Support?

Provide medical supplies and equipment. For example: mastectomy bras, shower chair, ostomy supplies, oxygen supplies, wigs etc.

What Will a $500 Gift Support?

Provide up to two months of insurance reimbursement for cancer patients who are paying out of pocket for a monthly health insurance.

How to Donate

Donate via our website

Mail a check:
Cancer Services Network
P.O. Box 2026
Abilene, TX 79604

For More Information

Visit our website

Find us on Facebook

Call us at (325) 672-0040

Visit us at 1218 N. 4th, Suite 213, in Abilene.

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