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Brownwood’s Lyric Theatre will exist to provide excellence in cultural entertainment while offering opportunities for local involvement in the arts. The Lyric will encourage participation from existing councils, agencies and organizations in developing a passion for the arts and promoting tourism to Central Texas.

Our Services

The Lyric provides performance and movie opportunities through the year with 84 schedule performances (nine productions and eleven movies) for people to attend along with providing additional opportunities for individuals to volunteer in the performing arts. During the summer months the Lyric operates a Kid’s Theatre Workshop open to students throughout Brown County to learn and develop a passion for the performing arts.

Why Your Support Would Benefit Us

The Lyric rely’s upon the generosity of individuals and business to provide the resources for our productions and endeavors with kids. Only 30% our our total needed revenue is realized through tickets sales. Maintaining the 100+ year-old theatre complex and keeping our prices affordable for the community helps us to see over 10,000 people enjoy the benefits of the performing arts in the Brown County area.

What Will a $25 Gift Support?

A gift of $25 will support five kids to attend a children’s production at the Lyric. Last year we saw over 3,500 kids get to see a professional theatrical performance at the Lyric during school they would not have otherwise been able to see.

What Will a $100 Gift Support?

A gift of $100 will support a kid who’s family can not otherwise afford to send their child to a summer theatre workshop the ability to do so and help them experience the relationships and accomplishments of being in a first class kid’s production.

What Will a $500 Gift Support?

A gift of $500 helps to sustain the ongoing volunteer program at the Lyric which in turn helps to keep costs down for all of our productions. Good volunteers need tools and materials to help make our productions happen. Volunteers work in a variety of areas at the Lyric from acting, costuming, support stage help, building sets, maintaining inventory of items in all these areas, repairing needs within the theatre and cleaning support. When our volunteers have the right tools/materials the Lyric is able to use the over 2000 volunteer hours to save literally $100,000 in rentals, purchases and outsourcing cost that would need to be utilize for our productions. A $500 gift goes a long way to help reach the $20,000 needed to save $100,000.

How to Donate

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