Winchell Volunteer Fire Department


The Winchell Volunteer Fire Department will always strive to preserve life and protect property from fires and other emergencies making it possible to live in a safe community.

Our Services

The duties of this all volunteer department in addition to fire suppression of structural and wildland fires are first responders for medical calls, vehicle accidents, water rescue and traffic control . We also conduct safety training and community awareness programs to keep our citizens safe.

Why Your Support Would Benefit Us

We are a small rural all-volunteer Fire department. Funding for maintenance and upkeep of equipment and station is 90% by donation. We are not funded by the state, the county or the city. We use grants when available to improve our equipment. Any assistance from this campaign will allow the members to focus on improvement of our services.

What Will a $25 Gift Support?

It would pay ½ of the water bill to the station for one month.

What Will a $100 Gift Support?

One tank of diesel for one truck. We currently have 4 trucks.

What Will a $500 Gift Support?

To dress out a fire fighter in certified gear (helmet, suit, boots) the cost is about $800.00. This would assist in replacing outdated and damaged gear.

How to Donate

Mail a check:
Winchell Volunteer Fire Department
PO Box 714
Brookesmith, TX 76827

For More Information

Find us on Facebook

Call us at (325) 203-7393

Visit us at 18500 Highway 377 South in Brookesmith

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